Emmy Telecast Ratings Crash, Burn on Fox

by Paul William Tenny

Could it be that people that watch awards shows know better than to reward Fox by spending an evening watching the sensationalist, exploitative, censoring crap they put on the air every day? Could it be that Fox isn't the master of live telecasts we all thought that they were? Or maybe people are just sick of watching the Emmys?

Does it even matter? Fox's first and coveted telecast of the Emmy Awards on Sunday night lost over 3 million viewers from NBC's last broadcast, and was down 5.6 million from CBS the year before that. Variety has the dirt on Fox's epic failure, and dirt it is, all over the networks face. How embarrassing must it be to put on American Idol with 30+ million viewers, and then follow it up with the Emmys worst ratings ever at 13.1 million? Those numbers are just barely more than what Heroes averaged during its first season.

Compare that to the Oscars, which blow almost everything other than the Superbowl out of the water with 40 million. Ouch, Fox...but boy did you ever deserve it this year. Sure, those bad numbers have nothing at all to do with your political censorship of winner's speeches, but karma is still a bitch.


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