Emmy Awards Tonight

by Paul William Tenny

Just a quick and late reminder that the Emmy Awards are on tonight at 8PM EDT on Fox. I know a number of sites are going to live-blog the event, but you won't catch that stuff here. If you want to know who is winning what, live, then watch the show. I'll post winners for the big categories after, and I'm pulling for Heroes to win Best Drama. 24 had its day and nothing else this year can compare - not even Battlestar Galactica.

Good luck to everyone and every show nominated, and if I see Britney Spears pop up at some point as rumor has it Fox has invited her to apologize for her act at the VMA's, I'm turning it off. This is not the VMA's, this is a serious awards show for the television industry. First off, since Spears isn't a television actress, writer, director, producer, or even a freaking grip (hey, we love you guys) she doesn't have any business even being let into the building in the first place.

But on top of that, to invite her to speak during the show about something unrelated to the Emmy's (like say someone or something that was nominated or had won) is an insult to everyone who busts their ass bringing quality television to the world. She should apologize for that crap, but not when it is going to take away TV time from the winners speeches, which are already pathetically constrained.

I know Fox would love to do it to get ratings, just like MTV used her to get ratings, but this would be more than a joke, it would be a horrible tragedy that should result in never having the show on Fox again.



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