Ellen Degeneres Out, Jon Stewart Back in for the Oscars

by Paul William Tenny

jon-stewart.jpgThe news has been out since last night, that Ellen Degeneres was not being invited back to host the Academy Awards this year. She wasn't very good, in my opinion, in fact I thought she was awfully distracting throughout the entire show, and all it did was make me mad that Stewart didn't get a chance to develop his own gig with the biggest awards show of the year. It was a surprise then, that Stewart has been invited back for this years show.

Producer Gil Cates announced that Stewart, who emceed in 2006, will make his second turn as host for the 80th Academy Awards, broadcast Feb. 24, 2008, from the Kodak Theatre and televised on ABC.

"I'm thrilled to be asked to host the Academy Awards for the second time because, as they say, the third time's the charm," said Stewart, host of Comedy Central's popular series "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart."
I hate to sound snotty, but the Academy folk, critics, and attendees need to warm up to the fact that Jon Stewart is the face of this entertainment generation, and they are not. They may get the huge paychecks, and they may have a larger casual fan base, but they don't represent where our culture is right now, and they don't get what it's all about. They aren't "real", and put simply enough, Jon Stewart is.

If the attendees aren't laughing at his jokes during the awards show, it's because they are out of touch with humor in general, because Jon Stewart doesn't bomb in front of an audience. If the Academy realizes this, and it sounds like they have since they brought him back, there may be some hope left in there after all. I kind of doubt it though, so long as they continue to insult the public by giving Best Picture awards to films that can't make a buck fifty in the theaters.


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