Britney Spears; Best Dramas of All Time; TV Download Prices; Tim Kring Interview, More..

by Paul William Tenny

I'm doing abbreviated posting today because of the heavy rain, my Internet connection is only working for the second time today. No telling how long it'll stay that way with rain in the forecast for the rest of the evening and night, so here area couple of condensed posts. My apologies, so on with the show..

  •, my primary source for the scum report, says that Britney Spears was abusing anti-depressants minutes before going on-stage at MTV's VMA awards a few nights ago, this along with being intoxicated and having ditched dance practice certainly explains her odd behavior and demeanor during the show. This isn't surprising, but what this girl has done to her life is worth of popping an anti-depressant or two, if you ask me.

  • Entertainment Weekly wants to know which of the 15 dramas they present is worthy of best-of-all-time digs. My choice? While The West Wing dominates the list without question, none of the above seems a more fitting choice.

  • TV Squad wants to know what you are willing to pay for digital downloads (tv shows presumably.) Somewhere between .99 cents and $1.99 is the best answer, though $1.99 is too much (a full seasons costs more than the DVD box set) and .99 cents makes music look extremely over-priced. The 31% (as of press time) that voted for stealing need to do one of the following: A. visit the inside of a jail cell for a month; B. write a spec script in 3 days that is production-ready, and get paid nothing for the effort.

  • Not so much an interview with Tim Kring and Masi Oka, in fact, this may be a month+ old group teleconference interview.  Check it out at

Posting this now to make sure I get these out, look for more this evening if I get an opportunity to post them.


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