Box Office Booty: 2007-09-17

by Paul William Tenny

ce-cellphone.jpgHere's a funny thing, if the number of people that watched the Emmys had also all gone to see the same new film that opened this weekend, it would have been the biggest one-day opener ever. Unfortunately for those contestants, that didn't happen. Jodi Foster's new flick The Brave One proved that Foster can still open a movie. With little interest, she managed to claw to the top of the weak weekend pulling in $14 million. Lions Gate's holdover 3:10 to Yuma virtually tied with newcomer Mr. Woodcock for $9.15 and $9.10 million respectively.

Dragon Wars came in fourth with $5.3 million.
A couple of notables is that The Weinstein's Halloween remake is still hanging in there at 6th, bringing much needed cash to the struggling indy prod-co. The Bourne Ultimatum is sitting in seventh, making MGM desperate for a fourth installment.

The top 5 via Box Office Mojo, where you can get the full list.

  1. The Brave One ($14 million)
  2. 3:10 to Yuma ($9.15m)
  3. Mr. Woodcock ($9.10m)
  4. Dragon Wars ($5.3m)
  5. Superbad ($5.2m)
I hope everyone had a good weekend, because the fall television season is getting ready to rock'n'roll. Starting tonight we've got the season premiers of Deal or No Deal at 8PM EDT (NBC), Prison Break also at 8PM (FOX), and K-Ville at 9PM EDT (FOX). Later this week you've got Beauty and the Geek, 'Till Death, America's Next Top Model, Back to You, Kid Nation, Gossip Girl, Kitchen Nightmares, and Survivor: China. Stay tuned to the site for more information on each of those including dates and times, especially next week when things really get rolling.


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