Are You Ready for BritneyTV?

by Paul William Tenny

According to Variety's Liz Smith, NBC is floating the possibility of pairing Matthew Perry with Britney Spears for a new comedy where Perry's character hires a woman to pretend to be his wife in order to make himself look better in his professional career. While Liz questions whether or not Spears is "marketable as a sitcom star", I'm wondering why she and NBC aren't asking the Lindsay Lonhan question: is she physically capable of even showing up on a set on time on a daily basis, working ten times the number of hours she used to spend singing (and that was three years ago) while sober and drug free?

That's one hell of a risk, to float a series on the back of an emotionally unstable single mother of two, one prone to acts of insanity such as shaving ones hair and physically assault photographers with an umbrella that would have a devastating impact on development. Can you imagine the producers waking up to the news that one of their sitcom stars had a psychotic breakdown last night and cut all her hair off, or worse, slit her wrists, Owen Wilson style? They don't even know if the girl can act.

What the hell is NBC thinking?


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