Are Paparazzi Really That Bad?

by Paul William Tenny

paparazzi.jpgI'm sure most people who care about this stuff already know that Jude Law was arrested in Britain after a scuffle with a photographer on Tuesday, and I'm sitting here wondering if it was worth the troubles he's brought down on himself. Sure, he won't be going to jail for such a minor incident, and any fine will be a drop in the bucket for rich people like him, yet he was arrested in his home, did have to get booked and go through the system to a degree. Even if it was only a brief processing, you've got a person who feels like they have nearly unlimited power to do what they want (and mostly they do) pushed around like a common miscreant.

That's got to be humiliating to some degree, and it's kind of sad that that is the only real punishment he'll get. And I'm not advocating throwing the guy in jail, but there has got to be some consequences for roughing people up. Was having your night ruined worth snatching a camera from a photographer? He may have stopped the shutterbug from snapping his pic, but I'm sure the half-dozen others that were probably with him got plenty of good shots of the scuffle. Instead of ignoring them, he gave 99% of them exactly what they wanted.

People may look down on the paparazzi, but they need to grow up. Anyone followed by these guys are rich beyond all sensibility, most of them are paid to be in front of a camera. It is a life they choose and actively pursue every time they cash a check and jump on stage or show up on set. That doesn't mean the public has the right to violate their privacy at will, but it doesn't mean they get to demand a level of privacy that none of us common folk enjoy either.

There aren't a lot of details available about this specific incident, but we've all read about Britney Spears unlawfully assaulting paparazzi with an umbrella, and Lindsay Lohan's infamous attempt at vehicular homicide. And for what? To stop one of a dozen from getting your picture, while the other eleven gleefully capture your immature, irresponsible, and illegal behavior, which is what they had wanted all along? Is getting your picture taken by someone worth endangering their lives?

I guess it is, to rich people who never have to hear the word no.


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