Angel Season 6

by Paul William Tenny

angel-after-the-fall.jpgJoss Whedon's Angel will never seen a sixth season on television, but as he is doing with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, he is continuing the story in the form of a comic. AICN got a hold of and has published the first six pages that comes immediately after the last shot from the TNT series, with the remaining characters (the ones that are still alive, and of course the two that technically aren't) about to face down all manner of evil brought down on them by Wolfram & Hart's "senior partners."

The images are small and the text is difficult to read, which I'm not sure wasn't done on purpose. I'll say this that even though I'm not a fan of comics in general, these are very well illustrated, and there's no questioning the talent and imagination of Joss Whedon.


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