3:10 to Yuma (2007) -vs- Unforgiven (1992)

by Paul William Tenny

movie-smackdown.jpgI try to read Bryce Zabel's blog regularly, as I do the blogs of many professional writers. I like to learn, and they've usually got something interesting to say. Bryce used to do something on his blog called Movie Smackdown! where he'd pit two films of a similar genre against each other, picking them apart, and declaring a winner. I didn't realize until recently that he moved these from his blog over to a dedicated site with a staff of writers, and I've decided to link to them as they come out since they fit our theme and certainly deserve some attention for the original work.

As the title says, one of the two recent Smackdowns pits Clint Eastwood's fantastic western drama Unforgiven against the recently released and unfortunate box office failure (and remake) 3:10 to Yuma. For what it's worth, my vote automatically goes to Unforgiven as one of the finest westerns - and really finest dramas - I've ever seen.

Find out which film comes out on top in Yuma vs. Unforgiven.


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