Where is the Rain When You Need it?

by Paul William Tenny

Apparently flooding a CBS studio and shutting down subways in New York. While they had over two inches of rain dumped on them earlier today, forcing the Early Show to move to another set, North Carolina where I am writing this post from this afternoon is looking a lot like a scorched Earth. It hasn't rained here in at least three weeks - probably longer - with the grass all over the county dying or already yellow and dead. The last time is got this bad in North Carolina, it took a tropical storm coming up from South Carolina to reset our weather pattern.

Back then it hadn't rained in months either, then that storm rolled through dumping two inches in a few hours on the parched stated. After that, it began raining regularly every two or three days for several weeks straight. Now while we're down here dry baking, Gotham is getting drowned when they don't even need it. I can't begin to describe how bad it has gotten, and this 100 degree heat isn't helping at all.

So much for global warming, though!


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