Watch Kevin Smith Own a Heckler

by Paul William Tenny

Okay well, to be honest, this guy wasn't a heckler. A heckler is someone in a crowd that shouts with the intent to disrupt something, solely for the purpose of being a jerk. This guy waited his turn, went up to a microphone at Comic-Con, and asked a question. He waited quietly and let Kevin Smith answer the question. It just so happens, this guy is a douche bag, and his question was more of a statement of insult than a question.

So that being said, go watch this right now, and see what happens when you toss rocks at a guy who does nothing but write about people disparaging other people in the most humorous way possible for a living. Reminds me of a video I saw a while back of a heckler making the mistake of taking on Joe Rogan at a comedy club. Wow, talk about getting raped..


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