Warner Intent on Ruining 'Lost Boys'

by Paul William Tenny

I'm not surprised in the least, are you? I heard rumblings that a straight-to-DVD sequel to the extremely great The Lost Boys had been commisioned. A sequel might have been a given if the thought had crossed the studio's mind say..15 years ago. But 20 years later? Give me a break. This is nothing but a spiteful attempt to take a film with a decent reputation and burn it to make a few more bucks in another non-original, not even bothering to try making a quality film that they could release in theaters.

No Keifer Sutherland in this one ladies and gents, just the freaking frog brothers. I will admit I loved these two guys in this film, but that was when they weren't washed up, doing reality shows on A&E and bad straight-to-DVD movies. Also, one of the two Corey's looks nothing like he did when he was a kid, so what's the point?

What's next, should we burn The Goonies too?


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