Trackback Spam? The Hell You Say!

by Paul William Tenny

trackback-spam.pngTo whomever has been spamming this site with spam trackbacks, you might as well just stop. I've gotten nearly 300 of them in the past two weeks, 33 today alone. Do you know how many made it onto the site? 0. My publishing software which I love beyond words (Moveable Type 4.0) automatically marked 32/33 (from today) as spam, and I never even knew they were there. Seriously. The only reason I know now is that 1 out of the 33, MT4 simply wasn't sure about. So it emailed me, and asked me what to do with it.

Out of 290+, that has only happened once. I enjoy the attention, but you're wasting your time. Even though MT4 has caught every single spam trackback of yours, the ones it deems as legit get sent into a hand moderated queue anyway, and will die an unhappy death before making it within ten miles of being published.

Click on the image, if you don't believe me. MT4 is racking up quite the record of owning your spam. Try someplace else, maybe? Truly, it is flattering. If users came here with the same persistence and interest, I'd be embarrassed. Maybe the FBI is doesn't have a sense of humor? I wasn't serious, guys. Geez.

Well played sir. Well played.


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