Tonight on Heroes: Homecoming

by Paul William Tenny

NBC's new thing where they have two cast members from Heroes host "their favorite episode" from the first season is coming back at ya tonight at 9PM EDT. This evening we've got Hayden Panettiere (Clair Bennet) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) doing the honors for the chapter nine: Homecoming. This episode was the wrap up to the "Save The Cheerleader, Save The World" arc/meme that really is what got me interested in Heroes in the first place. But not in a good way.
I had been extremely pessimistic about Heroes during the first half of the season due entirely to what was going on with Lost. Never one to leave a good pun lay, Lost in the first half of its third season had lost nearly half its audience from its second season premier. That's 21+ million down to, at times, 11-12 million. There was one night in fact when Heroes actually beat lost in the ratings, which I seized upon to declare its early death.

Not long after, ABC announced that Lost had a finite warranty on it and would be canceled after two more seasons. Sad to say I was right about Lost for the first half, it found its second wind for the second, which I did not see.

Heroes on the other hand learned its lessons well and began paying off certain things as story arcs rather than never ending mysteries. Good for them, because I fell in love with the series in the second half and can't wait until the second season begins.

As I said, the "Save The Cheerleader" arc/meme to me was going to be all hype and no scratch, and thankfully I was wrong. While it was disappointing and didn't in fact live up to the hype, at least they didn't let it go on forever and a day. They instantly moved on by bringing Sylar to the forefront which promptly made us all forget about how lame the payoff was. Watch this episode tonight, because I know I will.

Heroes returns to Monday nights at 9PM on September 24th. There will be three more hosted episodes of Heroes leading up to the week before the premier date. I wonder what they have planned for that week? Anyone have a guess? Post it in the comments!


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