'Today Show' Expanding

by Paul William Tenny

Because three hours just isn't enough time to see all of this falls finest fashions, NBC's The Today Show is expanding from an unfortunate three hours to an untenable four hours sometime early next month. NBC has tapped Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, and Hoda Kotb to host the new block. I remember when Ann Curry was doing very early morning news for CBS, back when CBS actually did more than half an hour of national news in the evening. She was good, but you know, it was just news, and Today is...well wait, it's even more boring than the news is.

Are you ready for another hour of hot sticky Today Show goodness to keep you from going to work like you're supposed to? Not me, I'd rather spend a quarter of my day watching people stand outside in the street in New York talking about the weather and showing me what kind of shoes to wear to match the color of falling leaves.


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