The Nines hits the Alamo Drafthouse Sept. 28

by Paul William Tenny

the-nines.jpgJohn August's new flick The Nines is going to hit the Alamo Drafthouse on September 28th (four days after the debut of Heroes, which has nothing to do with this post but must be mentioned at every opportunity.) This is one day after it holds its premier in New York and Los Angeles on the 31st. There will be a Q&A with August and (presumably) Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity). See The Nines in Austin for links to where you can still get tickets to these premiers and this post for info about the Q&A sched.

Synopsis: A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed video game designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.

I wonder just how many people even know what a showrunner is. I'm betting it ain't very many. Maybe it should have been producer, or creator, and I cringe at the sacrifice because I know what a showrunner is and how it is different than creator and producer, but for people that don't understand, they may draw a better association between the title and the job if you list the job as something they do know, and understand.

Meh, it doesn't matter. I won't see it in the theaters because I generally don't go see anything, but I'll definitely look forward to seeing this on DVD.

Click through to watch a trailer for The Nines.


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