'Survivorman' returns, 'Flash Gordon' Debuts TONIGHT

by Paul William Tenny

survivorman.jpgI don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this for a long time. Survivorman Les Stroud is returning to the Discovery Channel tonight at 9PM EDT with all new episodes, some of which are still being shot.

Just when you think it can't get any hotter, Les Stroud finds out it can. In this episode, Les dips his toes in the scorching red sands of the Kalahari Desert -- one of the most extreme climates on Earth.

Leave it to Les "Survivorman" Stroud to come up with inventive ways of surviving the arid air and the oppressive heat in the Kalahari. With temperatures on the sand reaching 140 degrees Fahrenheit, Les has to tread carefully.

Zooming around the sand dunes is a fun way to get into the desert. But Les is driving a gasoline-challenged truck -- one that runs out of gas by mid-afternoon. There, with his truck and 50 pounds of camera gear, he has to survive the heat of the Kalahari with just a few items!

I've learned a lot about survival from Les, and been extremely entertained too. My nephews love this show, so don't hesitate to bring kids into the action, it's family-safe. Also tonight, the Scifi Channel's take on a new Flash Gordon
is having its series premier tonight, unfortunately also at 9PM.

Luckily both programs will air again a few hours later on each channel, so if you stay up just a little bit late, you can catch both. I know which one I'll be giving priority to though, and it ain't no stinking Flash Gordon.


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