Stargate Effects House Finds a Boss

by Paul William Tenny

rainmaker.jpgProbably not of great interest to most people, but Rainmaker has promoted Marianne O'Reilly to president of the company. Rainmaker has done visual effects and CGI for both Stargate television shows as well as quite a few feature films, including 28 Weeks Later, 1408, The Da Vinci Code, and I, Robot, among others. Unfortunately their site is nothing but a single flash app, so I can't link you to their credit list.

Just to be clear and not intending to take anything away from O'Reilly, she isn't a vfx person per say, but a producer. According to the Variety report, she helped to launch Rainmaker's effects house in London. O'Reilly will be presiding over the effects division, not Rainmaker Entertainment.

There were two other promotions that you can read about in Variety's story. I wasn't aware of Rainmaker until this year, and I'm extremely impressed with what they've been able to do. CGI is a hidden passion of mine and if I wasn't dedicated to other things, I would have long since made my home at a place like this, and it makes sense I suppose. Creating worlds on paper isn't much different than creating them on the screen digitally.


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