Site Hiccups

by Paul William Tenny

Yesterday afternoon, my host upgraded some server-side scripting packages that MovableType depends on to access the MySQL database. This happened while I was working on the templates to bring them into full compliance with the XHTML and CSS specs. The upgrade went south and didn't get fixed until after 4AM EDT for the server I'm hosted on.

The good news is that this site should have remained readable because it is a static-publishing system, meaning rather than generating the page on the fly via scripting when you request it like with WordPress, it generates a fully valid web page after I push 'publish' and it gets saved to disk by the scripting system, along with having the data saved in the database so that I can easily get at it. The pages on the site remained fully accessible, but I couldn't access the back-end to post yesterday, and comments would have been broken.

The bad news was of course that I couldn't post anything yesterday, and when I sat down to do it earlier this afternoon, my Internet connection stopped working *right after* I logged in.

I've been assured that such an error during upgrades will never happen again, and I've taken precautions so that this site relies on globally accessible resources less than it did before. Overall, I have nothing else to complain about with this host. With a little bit over 2 terrabytes of bandwidth per month and a couple hundred gigabytes of diskspace, it's a pretty fine deal.

Expect posts to flow freely shortly.
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