'Pushing Daises' Gets Lost's Old Time Slot

by Paul William Tenny

Quick news blurb, here but I'm pushing this show because I sense great potential here. Pushing Daises is getting Lost's old time slot on Wednesday nights at 8PM beginning on October 3rd on ABC, based on the logic that this series is so weird that there just isn't anything else good to pair it with. You know, like Lost. Wait a second..

Daises is a new show created by Heroes writing executive-producer and science fiction veteran Brian Fuller (Heroes, Dead Like Me), and has thus far been the most anticipated new show on the fall schedule for any network. Critics seem to love it, for what that's worth, which ain't much to be honest. The setup is a little strange, so I'll give them that much. It's based on a man who as a child found out that he could bring the dead back to life for a very short period of time, just by touching them. When I wrote about the show during the upfronts, there wasn't any information more specific than that available, but now I understand that we're only talking about minutes here, if that.

He partners with a detective to bring murder victims back to life so they can get enough information to find the killers and bring them to justice. A side plot was supposed to revolve around the guy having his highschool sweetheart die, and when he brings her back to life, she mysteriously stays alive. And then I remember hearing something about some random occurrence where sometimes instead of the dead coming back to life after being touched, someone in the nearby vicinity just ups and dies.

Anyway, based on what Brian Fuller has done in the past, I know this show deserves a shot to find its voice. This could be the cool new drama of the fall, but it certainly won't be if people don't give it a shot. So sit your butt down on October 3rd and watch the series premier. Fuller left Heroes to work on this, two shows he undoubtedly strongly believes in, and he deserves a chance to make it work.

You might just be pleasantly surprised.


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