Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett) Returns to Stargate Atlantis

by Paul William Tenny posted a story reporting that Paul McGillion will return to Stargate Atlantis in the upcoming fourth season in a two-episode arc, along with Torri Higginson, though not necessarily in the same episodes. I heard about McGillion's character being killed off before I had seen the episode where it happened, because I had gotten so far behind. DVRs are both a blessing, and a curse people.

You know what I'm talking about.

I thought it was odd that they'd kill off his character when, from what I understand, his character wasn't originally a recurring role, but more of a recurring guest star. When somebody got hurt, he'd roll in, and then right back out again. I liked McGillion a lot and what he brought to the show, though I thought he could be a bit condescending at times, but I was extremely pleased when he was upped to a series regular and I'm glad we'll be seeing more of Doctor Beckett in the future, hopefully lots more.

This appearance by McGillion's character won't be any kind of a cheat either, says Zap2it.
When the fans vehemently protested his undignified death, the producers reconsidered their action and figured out a way to bring him back in the flesh, and not as a flashback or a Beckett from the past or an alternate universe. According to executive producer Joe Mallozzi, a late Season 3 episode offers a "clue" about Beckett.

I'm not sure what Mallozzi means by the third season "clue", although I'm sure once Gateworld picks up this story, they'll hash it out in the forums and I'll link to that if I run across something that sounds good (or anyone from there, free send something to me.)

Obviously with the addition of Jewel Staite to the cast to replace McGillion's character's as chief physician for the Atlantis expedition, we can't expect him to just stroll back into the equation and resume his old duties as if nothing had happened. This article doesn't say that McGillion is returning as a regular at all, in fact, this is only talking about a guest appearance, just one that is going to be "real" rather than a game.

Along with appearances by McGillion and Higginson, Christopher Judge will be joining Amanda Tapping in the Pegasus galaxy sometime down the road. The only question I have is: where the hell is the foremost expert on the Ancients?! Where is Daniel?!


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