'Painkiller Jane' Canceled

by Paul William Tenny

The bad news keeps rolling in this month, this time I'm reading that the Scifi Channel's Painkiller Jane which stars Kristanna Loken will not be renewed for a second season. The series will continue with production to fill out the rest of its first and only season. I'll tell you what, movies based on comics may be making a killing in theaters, but they sure as hell aren't doing anything noteworthy on television.

The cancellation of "Jane" comes on the heels of the strong Friday premiere of another Sci Fi series based on a comic strip, "Flash Gordon," which scored the channel's best series premiere numbers this year.

Now that's just weird. Flash has been universally panned by critics, and I wonder if people didn't tune in in strong numbers just to check it out. We'll have to wait and see, but I don't think Flash is going to last much longer than did Jane.

I've just got that feeling.


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So glad this crap was cancelled. I saw two episodes and in one of them they locked up a bloke because he had the power to heal people.... fucking idiotic.

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