No 'Blade Runner' Sequel Afterall

by Paul William Tenny

I wrote about a story going around last week that Ridley Scott was looking to direct another Blade Runner film, if he could find a good script to shoot. It sounded like he was encouraging writers to cook something up and send it to him for consideration, something that simply isn't done. First of all without a signed disclaimer, it opens the reader to legal liability should something similar to that script go into production, but not that script. Even with a disclaimer in hand, directors don't want scripts anyway, they want projects where they can pick writers and mold the story themselves (which is often why movies end up being terrible, with large holes in the plot and scenes that seem random and make no sense.)

So published a blurb today that said Ridley is backtracking on his "request" for script submissions, saying he has no plans to direct a sequel and that if someone else ended up doing it, he didn't care either way. That's one hell of a turn around, from "send me scripts" to "I intend probably never to do a sequel."

Screw it, I'm writing one anyway. It may come in handy if I ever get shot.


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