New Releases - Redline, The Ultimate Gift, The Ex, 300 on DVD

by Paul William Tenny

Even though it has already been released, I'm tossing 300 in with this group because this group is distinctly lacking some awesome. For shame.

The second of Frank Miller's graphic novels to make it to the big screen, the first being the exceptionally cool Sin City. I still haven't seen this yet, but I intend to once I get around to getting that elusive Netflix subscription. Comes your way from just a boat load of booty for your consumption. DVD's you say? How about the widescreen DVD? They've got fullscreen too, if that's your thing. Maybe you want a little 2-disc special edition? Try the rest of these until you find what you need.

High definition via Blu-Ray.
Standard DVD and HD-DVD combo.
The History Channel Presents Last Stand of the 300 - The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae - not the movie, but an exceptionally good special.
The Making of 300
300 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
300 - The Hardcover Graphic Novel

Firefly is one of the best science fiction series ever created, and you'll hear that a lot, but it wasn't even really science fiction. It was, simply, mixed drama and comedy set in the future. And it is the best stuff out there next to Babylon 5.

Collectors Edition (NEW)
Firefly Complete Series - For good measure
The Ex
This Zack Braff (Scrubs) and Amanda Peet comedy didn't did very much in the theater, but maybe it's worth a shot on DVD. Can't hurt, right?

Unrated DVD
Fullscreen DVD

A cheesy car buff movie and probably no plot. "The film's plot is centered on a drag racing circle founded by a group of rich men in order to test their high-powered supercars. It is based on a story by Daniel Sadek, who also allowed his own automobile collection to be used in the film." -- Is this the movie where the actor wrecked the producers super expensive sports car? Heh.

New release - standard definition DVD.

Other Schtuff
The Ultimate Gift
Perfect Stranger (widescreen, fullscreen)
Sacco and Vanzetti
The Lives of Others (Blu-Ray)
Broken English
Robocop (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition)


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