Movie Studios Want no Part of Lindsay Lohan

by Paul William Tenny

I didn't have to find an article on Entertainment Weekly to know this, nor do I feel like it's really worth posting here since I try to stay away from tabloid entertainment "news", but since I said this was going to happen, I might as well gloat in being right. It sucks for Lohan and I'll be honest, I'm actually kind of sad about this. It's easy to laugh at the misfortunes of the rich and famous, but when that downhill slide turns into a plummet to the bottom of a canyon, its just another example of how money doesn't guarantee a happy life if you've got little to no self control.

According to EW, even after Lohan starred in and opened two very profitable films and has had near universal praise for her acting potential, it appears that no studio executive would go within a hundred feet of this mobile train wreck.

Of the producers and high-ranking execs who spoke to Entertainment Weekly -- some of whom have worked with Lohan, and most of whom insisted on anonymity so they could speak frankly -- almost none would hire her now. ''Her career was over long before she had these troubles,'' says the studio head. ''The media treat her like she's Will Smith or Tom Cruise, like she's some big star, but she simply isn't.''

Well that's the understatement of the year. Smith and Cruise worked hard for what they got, through professional dedication which they practice even today, even when they could have both retired a long time ago. See, they both came up wanting to do this, while Lindsay Lohan just fell into it because in American society, "famous" or rich people get special treatment in Hollywood while people who are working for a living have to try breaking through cement walls with their bare fists.

Lindsay had a big record and all the sudden she gets a free ride trying to be an actress, and luckily, it turned out she had at least a some amount of talent to work with. She blew it all, and for what? To get high? Show the world nobody can tell you no? Those are hollow accomplishments when you end up dead from one too many DUI's or overdosed on the feces covered floor of some club bathroom.

''Her troubles are what made her famous,'' says one studio exec. ''Her films don't open. She's a pain to work with. I think she's done.'' Others go so far as to worry that career death may be the least of Lohan's concerns. Says another exec: ''I think she has to stay alive.''

I don't know if I'd go that far. She got some high praise for her talent from the cast of Georgia Rule, but that was only when she bothered to show up on the set.

Yeah, but like the man said, you've got to live long enough first. But hey, at least she's not a Scientologist.


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