Media Pundit Content Gets Love From WGA

by Paul William Tenny

quill.jpgI wrote a story a few days ago about a final ruling from the National Labor Relations Board on a complaint filed against the Writers Guild of America (WGA) by NBC Universal over the creation of "webisodes." If you managed to digest that sentence, I'll spare you more torture. As I do from time to time with "newsy" stories, I'll submit them to Associated Content where often times they'll get more readers than other places. I did of course post it here first.

Well, that story was found and linked to (unfortunately the AC version, not the one hosted on this site where I could have used the attention more) by the WGA, and as of right (3PM EDT) is the most prominent of two links on their front page. It's a bit disconcerting to tell you the truth, because I do a lot of these articles on the potential strike coming later this year, the fights over webisodes, all that stuff related to labor and writing. To have it sitting on the guilds front page means a lot of people who are about 50 rungs above me on the ladder are reading this stuff, and I'm sitting here writing about it like I invented the deal.

I haven't heard any complaints, and I've actually seen a compliment or two, so maybe I got it all right for once instead of shooting myself in the foot and catching other people with the bullet spray at the same time.

I just hope I spelled my name right.


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