'Masters of Science Fiction' Debuts Saturday

by Paul William Tenny

ABC created a mini-series which is an anthology of one-hour stand-alone episodes, supposedly from the "masters of science fiction", which will debut tomorrow night at 10PM. Yeah, Variety wasn't the only one to notice that ABC isn't even giving token effort to promote and make successful the venture. This isn't a reflection on the material, I think, so much as how utterly retarded ABC is.

Variety compares this set of stories to TNT's Nightmares and Dreamscapes, another set of four hour-longs, these all adapted from the short stories of Stephen King, all coming I believe from the book of the same name. All four of those stories were fantastic, as is most everything Stephen King has ever written. I don't know what to think about this new set, though. The only writer I'd really consider a master of science fiction in the bunch would be Harlen Ellison, and I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call the man a master of the genre.

Most "masters" of science fiction are, frankly, all dead.

The Lost writer doesn't even qualify as a science fiction author, unless you discount Lost itself, which is a fantasy drama, not science fiction. Perhaps maybe if you take into account parts of the third season, and only those parts of the entire series.

Give ABC a kick in the nuts and tune in to the first installment, August 4th (that's tomorrow night) at 10PM EDT.


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