'Masters of Science Fiction' Airs Tonight

by Paul William Tenny

Just a quick reminder, episode 2/part 2 of ABC's miniseries Masters of Science Fiction will be on tonight at 10PM EDT. Tonights installment is called The Awakening, with the description "In Iraq, American soldiers discover a mysterious casualty that cannot be identified as human." The guys at AICN are on top of this so that I don't have to be, which is great, because I don't have the slightest clue who wrote this story or what the deal is, so I'll just quote and link:

Next week's "The Awakening" was adapted and directed by Michael Petroni ("Till Human Voices Wake Us") from Howard Fast's short story "The General Zapped ..." The only episode not set decades in the future, it's about what happens after something extraterrestrial smacks into the Iraqi desert. Terry O'Quinn ("Lost") is typically compelling as a retired military UFO expert; gorgeous Elizabeth Rohm (Kate the cop on "Angel") plays the Air Force officer sent to pull him out of retirement. William B. Davis ("The X-Files") plays a too-paranoid U.S. president and a "Crimson Tide"/"2010"/"Day The Earth Stood Still" vibe comes to manifest. It's all a bit familiar and the president's impulsiveness is hard to swallow, but it's well-paced and I can't say my interest flagged.
This miniseries needs good ratings because these people put a lot of effort into making this, and ABC screwed them over by burying it on Saturday nights. Kick ABC in the nuts and watch this series. You might just come away with something.


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