Masi Oka Q&A

by Paul William Tenny

heroes2.jpgSuperhero Hype was in on a conference call/Q&A with Heroes star Masi Oka (Hiro), and they've got a transcript of the deal to which I'll link, and provide a short excerpt. I have got to find out how to get in on these things.

Seriously, anybody know? Do I need to bust out a Mediapundit press pass? I can make a few. Anybody want one? $5 each - no refunds!

Q: What seems to make the character unique is that with all these reluctant heroes, Masi, you play the world's one not reluctant hero. What were your thoughts when you first read that concept.

Oka: I thought it was phenomenal... Tim Kring created an amazing, beautiful world with such rich characters. Hiro embodied the sense of the 'every man' in many ways -- and how we all dreamed as a kid of wanting to be a superhero. And he's someone who kept his dream. He believed in it, believed in it, believed in it - and finally his dreams came true. To be able to live that -- live vicariously of his dreams -- of my dreams-- of becoming a superhero through his dreams, it's just fantastic. And I'm just very fortunate to have been part -- and having Tim entrust me with the character.



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