Live Action 'Jungle Book' Coming to the BBC

by Paul William Tenny

Because one version of a film is never enough. This version will be live-action with CGI special effects used to make real animals shot in India talk like human beings. Can we for a moment just consider trying something original? Please? Seriously, stop it. This isn't funny, it's ruining peoples careers and boring the hell out of viewers. We don't need to see every story done three or four times over just because some nub comes along and thinks he can do it better than the last, thinks he has something to "say" with it that nobody else has ever said before.

There are times when a fresh look with fresh talent can do great things with stale properties; just look at what Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have done with Batman. They actually said something new, told their own story. That isn't the case here, and I have to openly wonder why these guys even got into the business of telling stories if all they were going to do was re-tell old ones.


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