'Jurassic Park 4' Continues Downward Spiral

by Paul William Tenny

t-rex.gifWell, that was predictable. The first film was pure lightening in a bottle, while the sequel was an underwhelming and unsatisfying adventure within the Jurassic Park world, but not in the mind of Michael Chricton who gave birth to it all. The third film had a few redeeming qualities with Sam Neil returning for another island adventure, but in the end all it did was revisit the same territory we've already so familiar with: trying to escape a pacific island full of dinosaurs.

Neither of the sequels warranted more attention unless some better talent was invested in the struggling franchise. The emergence of Steven Speilberg is a welcome sight, but even the most brilliant director ever can't turn a crappy script into solid entertainment. If there was any question as to where Universal is getting their ideas from for Jurassic Park 4 - which Laura Dern previously said was moving forward behind the scenes - they were answered today when old rumors resurfaced.

A couple of years ago a some batshit crazy story about how the movie would involve the US government training dinosaurs to carry weapons ran across the internet, we all had a good laugh and assumed even Hollywood couldn't be that stupid and moved on. Not so fast. Now that rumor is back.

Oh, joy. I wrote today about how we're going to be punished with a straight-to-DVD sequel to the 1987 film The Lost Boys just for the fun of it, or for the money. It doesn't matter why, in fact that's really the number one problem with Hollywood producers and studios today: they don't have or need a reason for making sequels, they just do it.

We don't need more bad iterations of Jurassic Park, or Lost Boys, or Rush Hour. Time to start taking risks guys, we're getting sick of this crap.


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