id Software's 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' Coming to a Theater Near You..Eventually

by Paul William Tenny

According to Variety, id Software has licensed the theatrical rights to first-person-shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein to producer Samuel Hadida. The bad news is that this doesn't really mean anything, rights transfers like this happen on a daily basis, and even though Hadida has commissioned a script, there is no studio deal in place at this time. Obviously, getting a script written goes a long way towards achieving that goal. The good news, on the other hand, is that Roger Avery (Pulp Fiction, Silent Hill, Beowulf) is the guy writing the script.

Avery won the Best Screenplay Oscar for co-writing Pulp Fiction with Quentin Tarantino in 1995, and has won nine other awards in his career. This is no Uwe Boll setup, by any means.

Hadida produced the third Resident Evil film, along with one adaptation of Silent Hill with Avery, with another coming next year. Avery did not write the script for the third incarnation of Resident Evil, that franchise was ruined entirely by Paul W. S. Anderson.


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