Heroes Season 1 on DVD Today!

by Paul William Tenny

heroes2.jpgGot my 'net access back today, and just in time too. Season 1 of Heroes was released on standard definition DVD for $36.99 and HD-DVD for $69.95 today. There's other cool Heroes stuff you can get at Amazon, though, besides the DVD box sets.

Here's a 11"x17" poster, another that's 11x17 (tall), and episode downloads from Amazon Unboxed. They've got every episode from season 1 for $1.99 at exceptionally good bitrates. It's wrapped in Microsoft DRM, so don't bother if you don't run Windows.

Just a quick bit of math shows that the DVD set is cheaper than buying every single episode to get the season, and it's (for the most part) DRM free. Not a hard choice, that one.


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