Kristen Bell gets a Heroes Interview

by Paul William Tenny

Mr. Ausiello of TV Guide has interviewed Kristen Bell on various subject matters, including her upcoming appearances later this year in its sophomore season. How many episodes? Lots. What the hell was the deal with Lost? Who cares, it feels good to be wanted baby!

How do you make the decision between [Lost and Heroes]? Basically, being able to stay in [Los Angeles] was a little bit of a factor for me [in terms of turning down Lost]. But I was honored to even be considered by Lost. I really, really was, because I love that show. But I have social relationships with a lot of the people that work on Heroes, through so many random connections. So it was sort of funny that so many of my friends had been working on this show. I spent a lot of time with a few of them at Comic-Con. I was actually sitting on the train [back from San Diego] with Zachary Quinto and Masi Oka and some of the writers were on the train and they were like, "Hey, if you ever want to come on Heroes, give us a call!" And I sort of joked back, "I'd love that!" Later on I said to Zach, "Hey, if they were serious, I would love to work with you guys." And somehow, somebody made it happen.

Must be nice to be in a position like that. Congrats to Bell on scoring the show of the year. Just don't screw it up.


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