Ben Affleck, The Rock Find New Casting Digs

by Paul William Tenny

A bit of casting news for a laugher, and a sequel to a film I just barely remember from my younger years. Anybody remember Escape to Witch Mountain? I've got the name, and a vague feeling of having liked it, but not much more. I certainly don't remember it being remade in 1995, nor did I know it was based on a novel by Alexander Key written nearly 12 years before I was even born.

The film stayed true to the book by eventually revealing the two kids with special mental powers to be aliens of sorts, but what I'm not really getting from available information is whether or not this is another remake, or a follow-up. Wiki says the former, Variety says the latter. I trust Variety on these matters over Wiki, given its status as a trade mag, but Variety's article on this is hardly substantial. The point of it in fact was to note that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is going to star in this new film as a cab driver that happens across the kids somewhere in Las Vegas.

Ah well, this being the third try, I guess they'll get it right eventually. Why else remake a movie twice? Oh, right... so the other news is that Ben Affleck is looking to star in a new comedy called "He's Just Not That Into You". The cast is quite the list of people who haven't had big films in the last few years but most of whom will demand very high price tags, not including Affleck, Variety says Scarlett Johansson has signed on along side Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connelly.

This flick is based on a novel called Never Been Kissed, which is a hell of a lot better name than what they landed on. The one they chose makes me want to stay away, all by itself. Forget that I'm not huge on romantic comedies, but come on, who came up with that, a studio exec's nephew?


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Never Been Kissed was done by Drew Barrymore, do you remember that? Please tell me this is a different book or different movie....or something!!!

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