Anchorwoman Canceled

by Paul William Tenny

It didn't take long for Fox to cancel Anchorwoman, did it? One and done. Here's the description I included in my look at the upfronts earlier this year: "a supermodel settles down in a southern Texas town and becomes an anchorwoman for the local news." Here's what I said at the time: "This one makes no sense from top to bottom, but it's shiny, so Fox likes it. Neither Lavin nor Damiani have any credible history on imdb (Lavin has none at all) and the show is described as a hybrid, half comedy, half reality.Six episodes ordered, which means with Fox's temperament, about half that will ever make it to air."

Did I call that one right down the middle, or what? If anything I was overly optimistic. Truth be told, the only show on the Fox sched that had a chance at survival was The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fox took the drama off its fall schedule and moved it to the spring of 2008. Fox is in the strongest position with Idol and House which means they can take the most risks.

They took none, and are paying for it by having nothing to show for their money.


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