'24' Delayed Again

by Paul William Tenny

24.jpgE! Online is reporting that Fox's waning drama 24 has been delayed for a second time as the shows producers attempt to wrap their brains around the complex story line for the upcoming seventh season. Personally I think they would do well with less plot and more character driven story telling. The first season of 24 was compelling because a great deal of it was all character development, which you needed since it was a new series with a complex format and a lot of characters all doing different things in different places.

Its felt like over the years they've been moving away from that towards how best to up the stakes with the most thrilling conclusion possible. I fell in love with the first season, and the second was a follow-up worthy of the shows debut. Hell, even Stephen King loved the second season, but he's in the disappointment boat along with the rest of us. Even though I have the second half of the sixth season sitting on my HTPC, I've had little urge to see it. It was wasn't compelling, and it hasn't been for some time now.
This story goes back a ways with rumors that season six was to be set in New York City, or at the very least somewhere outside of Los Angels. That didn't happen, but didn't stop them from trying again to extricate the show from the familiar confines of California. Season seven was to take place at least partly inside Africa, but those plans were scrapped too, which put an obvious production delay on this season. Now, things are getting even worse.

For the second time in as many months, production on the seventh season of 24 has been delayed while writers for the drama attempt to play catch-up on plot points for the forthcoming season.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jack Bauer & Co. will now begin their evildoer-foiling counter-terrorism duties two weeks later than initially planned, with the shooting start date pushed back from Aug. 27 to Sept. 10.

The writing staff sought the postponement to complete enough scripts to get a running start on the new season before the cameras begin to roll.

24 got bad ratings last season and is primed to be taken over by NBC's Heroes, which airs at the same time as 24. Maybe that's one reason 24 fell of so badly, they struggled with their footing and Heroes swooped in to take advantage of the situation.

Boy, did they ever. I'm looking forward to more Heroes first, which luckily has a big lead time. 24 isn't scheduled to begin airing its seventh season until January, while Heroes hooks up on September 24th.


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