Weekend Box Office

by Paul William Tenny

The numbers are in for the last weekend of July, and surprise surprise, The Simpsons feature film took the weekend handily. The Fox flick grossed $71 million domestically in a little over 3900 theaters. Though I'm entirely confused as to how an animation as primitive as The Simpsons (visually speaking) could ever cost $75 million to produce, this weekend is good news in that the feature recouped about half its cost to make.

Universal's comedy I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry cost just a little bit more, but made far less than did The Simpsons. It earned just $19 million for the weekend on a budget of $85 million. Coming in third was the latest Potter film with a domestic haul of $17 million.

The top 10, according to BoxOffice Mojo.

  1. The Simpsons ($71m)
  2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ($19m)
  3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ($17m)
  4. Hairspray ($15m)
  5. No Reservations ($11.7m)
  6. Transformers ($11.5m)
  7. Ratatouille ($7m)
  8. Live Free or Die Hard ($5m)
  9. I Know Who Killed Me ($3m)
  10. Who's Your Caddy? ($2.9m)
It looks like Transformers, despite the fact that it royally sucked, still made a virtual killing for DreamWorks, continuing their dominant streak of profitable films. They've managed nearly half a billion worldwide on a budget of $150 million. Oh, and I'd like to say something here. This young actor Shia LaBeouf is someone I thought I'd never seen on film before. He's risen the ranks quickly and is set to play in quite a few significant films over the next two years, the biggest of which is the new Indiana Jones sequel that's filming right now.

If somebody had told me it was the 'tard from I, Robot, I would have laughed until I got slapped. This kid has stunk in everything I've ever seen him in, how in the hell is this one of the new young guns in acting?

A couple of notables on this list and off it are I Know Who Killed Me, which should be renamed to I Know Who Killed My Career when the DVD comes out - this is one of Lindsay Lohan's latest films. It bombed, hardcore, so maybe she should start taking advice from people when they say she needs better management to keep her out of crap like this.

On the other side of things, Rescue Dawn didn't do so hot either. Werner Herzog's flick staring Christian Bale only grossed $1.6 million in 500 theaters, earning just $3300 per theater. In a wide release of 3500, this film only pulls in $11.2 million. Not so good for Bale's ego, but I guess it doesn't matter since we all know how Batman: The Dark Knight is going to do.


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