Theater Watch: 2007-07-27

by Paul William Tenny

I know who killed the box office this weekend: Lindsay Lohan. Yes, I'm not clever and since I'm getting paid pennies for this, you get a couple of pennies worth of effort. Sorry.

While Lindsay may be headlining the tabloids for chasing former-assitant's mothers while drunk and holding, she won't be topping the charts this weekend when her new film - which by the way actually looks pretty damn good - goes up against The Simpsons. I have the trailer for I Know Who Killed Me laying around and after watching it a couple of different times, I think it might be decent thriller entertainment. I've never seen Lohan act in anything so I can't judge her talent, though I can and do often criticize her work ethic. I don't care if she's the best actress since traditional theater was invented, if she doesn't treat the profession with respect, she can rot in her self-induced haze for eternity for all I care.

Columbia ought to be happy with what it brings in, since I imagine the bulk of the cost was Lohan's contract, but you know it'll be mostly crushed against The Simpsons. That's actually a tragedy of sorts because based on that trailer, I think Lohan's film will be better entertainment. After so many years on the air, I doubt the film will show you anything you haven't seen on TV. In fact, I hardly see the point of it other than to make a boat load of money off people who aren't bright enough to have figured that out already.

There are a couple of other films debuting this weekend, but nothing huge. No Reservations from Warner Brothers, Who's Your Caddy from The Weinstein Company, Arctic Tale middle of next week from Paramount, Moliere from Sony, documentary No End in Sight from Magnolia, and another from IFC called This Is England on Wednesday.

The last four on that list are opening in a total of seven theaters, so like I said, it's not a huge weekend for competition. This weekend belongs to Fox.

Notable; Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale which looks good, and Sunshine expand slightly to more screens this weekend. Have fun watching cartoons on your precious day off.


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