The Media Pundit Launches.

by Paul William Tenny

Three months ago, I retooled my personal blog from untargeted essays on politics, poker, the law, science, and whatever happened to have my attention at any given time, into a source of news and commentary on the current state of television programming and film industry news. There are many sites like that out there, but none of them have my voice, which unique or not should at least be deeply informative.

As an aspiring screenwriter, I know far more about the writing process and what the job entails than anyone who isn't a writer already does. I'm confident about that because I've been studying the job and industry while improving my craft for the better part of two years now, and I think my understanding of that particular segment of television and film production does give me a unique insight into how each business works.

So along with the news, I gave commentary when time permitted, otherwise I simply aggregated the happens from around the 'net for the consumption of readers who might otherwise not see some of the smaller events that the larger sites pass over.I enjoyed the time I spent, producing 3-4 posts per day at first, before stepping it up to 7-10 posts per day with 1-3 commentary and original articles per week. I quickly found that Blogger couldn't offer the flexibility I wanted, and so I began designing this site on my workstation in preparation for its eventual launch, which is today.

I am neither a graphic designer, coder, or web designer by trade, and though I've done the best I can to provide you with a pleasant interface, the content is what really matters here and I hope it exceeds the visual experience and makes up for my shortcomings in those areas.

As this site is new, it desperately needs new readers. If you like anything you see here, please mention it to your friends, family, or co-workers. Drop the site address in an email at the end, or send someone an instant message. I'd surely appreciate it.

Most of the critical navigation tools can be found at the top below the main graphic. Ad's and most recent posts, plus archive links are on the left. I'll add more content over there when I the opportunity.

Please note that this site is hosted on the .net TLD, not .com. The domain is owned by someone else and was just renewed on the 16th of this month (yesterday as I'm writing this.) Sadly, that domain has never so much as had an IP address assigned to it, must less has it ever had a website hosted by it. It is dead to the Internet and appears simply to be squatted right now. If you try to go to the .com domain, you'll get funky errors that might make you think my site is down, and that you should just try again later. I assure you, that will not be the case.

This websites address is

If you find anything amiss, such as a page that doesn't fit the template you see on the front page, please drop me a line and let me know. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome, and I hope you enjoy the site.

- Paul William Tenny


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