Rob Zombie interview from Movieweb

by Paul William Tenny

I'm sorry, but when did Rob Zombie become a "visionary genius"? Isn't this guy a heavy metal musician or something? I suppose anyone can accomplish something if they put enough time and energy into it, but calling a guy who used to sing for a living a "visionary genius" in film making after making two B-horror flicks that barely made their money back is really stretching it too far. The Devil's Rejects did make back its costs, but made no profit in its theatrical run.

Compared to horror luminary Saw (as far as horror films go these days, and I only compliment Saw like that in comparison to these movies) Rejects was a failure. With a budget seven times in size, it made about half as much in the theaters, and I question whether or not it would have been greenlit had Zombie not already been a celebrity when he made his play at film making. Maybe he has some growing talent, but visionary genius he ain't. I don't deny any perceived talent he may have, only condemn the special treatment he received, and continues to receive, when his films have not risen to a level beyond what I'd consider bad B-movies; the kind you'd find Saturday nights on the SciFi Channel.

As is usually the case in Hollywood, people tend to fail upwards.

I'm a big fan of John Carpenter I understand that my favorite film of his was nothing but a remake itself in The Thing, but I find it hard to swallow that a guy who reinvented the genre is being remade by an unproven musician that only got into the business because of his status in society.

There is no way in the world that a director or writer with Zombie's mediocre history would get a job like this, and that bothers me.

For those who think I'm just a blathering jealous idiot (you may be right) I provide you a link to Movieweb for the interview, whom I just got done bashing for kissing Rob Zombie's ass like he's James Cameron. If you don't have a strong stomach for sucking up, don't go there. It's practically an obscene love fest, but there are some nuggets about Zombie's upcoming projects.

If you're looking forward to them, then by all means, go forth and enjoy. Here's a teaser.

Q: I'll start right off the bat; being a fan of the horror genre do you understand certain fans heated passion regarding this project and the sort of negative attitude they generally have towards these remakes? Do you think they kind of go too far with their hate?

Rob Zombie: You know, in some ways I understand it, and in some ways I don't. When some of my favorite films started getting remade, I never felt passionate about it. The big thing is, if there was a new law where the remake replaced the old film, and the old film was destroyed, then I'd understand it. But at this point, who cares?

Most people have emotional reactions to remakes, because it's bound to be a betrayal of the original authors creative vision, and riffs off the material they worked so hard to create from nothing. It takes little effort to remake something, the real effort, the real accomplishment is in original work, and that's where Zombie should stay.


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