Paul Anderson Makes Bloody Mess of Resident Evil 3

by Paul William Tenny

Cinematical ran across a trailer for the next Resident Evil flick on Sony's website, apparently notable for the trailer featuring R-rated violence and gore (which I can personally attest to.) That, I'm afraid, is about all this film is going to be notable for. Paul W. S. Anderson should have been banned from making movies a long time ago, even if the first Resident Evil was mildly entertaining, the second film was not, and the third...well, based on this trailer, I thought I was watching a promo for a new Mad Max flick, only with zombies in it.

Seriously, it was that mind numbingly unoriginal. Anyone could have written the script for this, it's so brazenly generic. Just watch the trailer, you'll see what I mean. Can we please ban this guy from Hollywood now? Do we have to suffer through more intolerable mindless heartless garbage?
And you know, they really should rename the film and strip out the "Resident Evil" lead-in, because lets be honest here, we're all friends; these movies have almost nothing to do with the games they stole their name from. Just read the story from the first game and then compare that to the film. One takes place in a mansion, one underneath Raccoon City. One is based entirely on the experiences of a S.T.A.R.S. team, while the other only mentions them on token acknowledgment, then kills them all.

If I'm not mistaken, the character played by Milla Jovovich in all three films doesn't even appear in the first game, and it certainly didn't revolve around her.

I can't and won't blame the producers for taking liberties with the property because I understand that films are not games - they operate by entirely different rules and need to be structured differently to work. I absolutely will not let Anderson off the hook for basically taking the "idea" of the game, and writing his own wonderland around it. No, he gets no free pass for that crap, especially when he's about as creative as a slug.

So yeah, watch the trailer if you want (it's gross) but don't expect to see anything of value. This movie is garbage, and so is Anderson.


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