Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto on board for Trek XI

by Paul William Tenny

I suppose it's cool news that Leonard Nimoy will be reprising his role as Spock in Star Trek XI, though he won't be a star from what I gather, the spotlight will fall to a younger actor who will portray Spock along with Kirk's early days at Starfleet Academy -- supposedly. The really cool news? That younger actor was announced at Comic Con to be Zachary Quinto, who recently portrayed the wonderfully evil Sylar in NBC's Heroes.

And then comes the bad news, J. J. Abrams picked a couple of duds to pen the script in Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Kurtzman co-wrote The Island, Mission Impossible III, and a couple of other screenplays. Both stunk. Kurtzman's television glory is writing and exec producing Hercules and Xena. The former was cool, but in no way qualifies you to do Trek.

I'm sorry, that's just wrong.

Orci is a writing partner, so he shares most of his credits with Kurtzman. I'm highly bummed about this, the casting choice of Quinto is brilliant - this guy is gonna be huge. But the movie will blow, even under Abrams (who was a questionable choice in the first place given how badly Lost fell off the wagon.)

This is just going to be another in a long line of disappointments. *sigh*


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