New Doctors Check into 'House'; Celebs Gone Wild

by Paul William Tenny

I've read news at a couple of different places that more than a few new characters are joining House for the new season. Before anyone jumps over the rail, I'd like to remind everyone that the entire supporting cast for House is already signed for the new year. I didn't want to write about this on the old blog too much, because I'm sure some people would rather enjoy the uncertainty the season finale brought in what appeared to be a mass killing of the three main supporting characters. One was fired while the other two resigned.

As I said, Omar Epps and the other two co-stars are signed through 2008, but that doesn't mean they will continue to play the same roles in the stories that they once did. Some of them may not appear in every episode, or they may all contribute to the whole season. That hasn't been revealed yet, but if this is any indication, I'd say chances are good that most of them won't play significant roles throughout the whole season like they used to.
Whereas previously there were three "interns" for House's program, this fall there will be five fresh faces, along with the three old ones. Said to join the team are Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Peter Jacobson, Anne Dudek and Edi Gathegi (zap2it). No, I don't know who the hell they are either, but with that many people, there should be more room for infighting to entertain Dr. House, and us as well.

Now, here's a bit of strange thing. I read and reported previously that House was blessed by Fox to debut right after the Superbowl in January, but this article says that the hit drama returns in September, on the 15th. Keep an eye out for announcements and I'll make updates on that as I find them.

As for the "Celebs Gone Wild," what the hell is up with disgustingly rich actors/actresses/celebrities physically assaulting photographers? Seriously, as we to believe that a bunch of young guys with really expensive cameras are a physical threat to the lives of actors, so much so that they have to be fought off with sticks? Or in the case of Linsday Lohan, run over with a car?

Ask Gary Dourdan (CSI), maybe he knows something I don't.

Dourdan reportedly arrived at Hyde nightclub on his Ducati motorcycle, spotted the TMZ videographer and yelled "get that f**king camera out of my face." Although the photog complied by pointing the camera down, it was still recording.

The actor then reportedly grabbed the TMZ videographer, slammed his head into the pavement several times. Other paparazzi are said to be heard protesting their colleague's mistreatment and then Dourdan says, "I know all the cops around here. They're my friends."

Well, there you go. Actors and rich people are special; they're friends with the cops, prosecutors, public officials, and get special treatment, ala Paris Hilton. They are even entitled to commit crimes and not be punished, apparently, just because they want to.

Like it or not, standing on a public street with a camera is completely legal in this country. Photographers have as much right to the streets and sidewalks as you stupid rich people do. Dourdan is a scumbag that deserves to see the inside of a prison cell for a couple of weeks, and I would be supremely amused if the next time he assaults somebody, they mace or taser his ass.


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