NBC Rejiggers Fall Schedule

by Paul William Tenny

Ken Silverman took over the reigns from Kevin Reilly at NBC too late to make any decisions about what new shows would be picked up for the fall season, so you can't really blame him if any of them fail. Silverman I suppose didn't take the job now just to sit back and watch from the bench for the next year, so news comes from AICN while I was preparing this site for launch that Silverman has thrown out the schedule that Reilly created in favor of his own.
I won't eat up AICN's scoop, but I will echo their interest in what seems to be a science fiction themed night on Mondays for NBC, and I can't help but wonder if this was somehow influenced by the success of sci-fi Friday's on the SciFi channel, which is owned by NBC-U. Lord knows nothing else has been working well on Mondays for NBC.

Aaron Sorkin's much-hyped but little-watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip died a horrible death in the 10PM slot, though to be fair, NBC screwed around with it so much that it never had a chance anyway. The 10PM timeslot wasn't working, and putting it on a month+ long hiatus for no good reason so NBC could play guess-which-show-will-air-tonight with Black Donnelley's and two other defunct reality shows was just stupid.

Heroes has desperately needed a companion series for a while now, and it sounds like Silverman has lined up a few good ones for this fall. Click the link up top to find out what all Silverman changed at AICN.


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