J. K. Rowling Apperance on The Today Show

by Paul William Tenny

NBC is lowering itself to the role of media whore for the new Harry Potter film, extensively interviewing mega-rich author J.K. Rowling on The Today Show, and splitting the interview into two segments on back-to-back days. The interview will appear on July 26th and 27th, along with a disgraceful piece by Dateline on Sunday the 29th.

Now, here's the problem: The Today Show has been doing lame stuff like this for a long time, so it comes as no surprise that when there is a media frenzy to be had, they'll try to be the most pathetic groveler at the top of the heap. But Dateline used to be an investigative news magazine. When is the last time they investigated something other than how best to serve as Warner Brothers PR department?

I have a real serious problem with them jumping back and forth between hard news and investigative reporting, of which they've done a fine job on a number of occasions, and this media pandering that is anything but news. A big movie and book release event isn't news just because it's big, ok NBC?

Hat tip to Collider for this breaking news that one giant media conglomerate is not below giving obscene pseudo-sexual favors to another, just so long as it means their name gets mentioned right along with the other guys. *sigh*


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