Heroes Season 2 Teases

by Paul William Tenny

If you like being teased without any pay off, this video from TV Guide featuring short segments of interviews with the Heroes cast from some recent press event may be to your liking. I was disappointed, personally, believing that "Dig in for lots of dish about new locations, new characters and new powers..." actually meant you'd be getting something solid on those things. Not true at all, and yet there are nuggets revealed that open your eyes to what the deal is with season 2, given how the first season ended.

Don't read the rest of this if you'd rather not see my speculation. Also, check out this news about Zachary Quinto and his new feature film role that could be really cool, but only if the guys who wrote the script (Transformers) are fired first.
I'm not big on speculation most of the time, but since I did this for House, I'll do it again for Heroes. Before the Internets, it used to be hard to find out whether or not character X would make it from season A to season B. Not any longer, as a quick check of imdb.com will reveal (or if you pay attention to wire reports during contract negotiations) whether or not someone who seemingly died has in fact survived.

What I'm talking about, of course, is the actors contract. The sure fire way to know if someone is leaving a series is to find out if they haven't signed a contract for the new season. I knew right away that Omar Epps and the other main cast from House weren't leaving the series this year because they were all signed through 2008. That doesn't mean their roles wont change, but it does mean that they're going to be there in some capacity.

I don't know this for sure, but based on what is in this video, I'd say it's a good bet that some characters you could have easily written off from the season one finale will appear in some capacity in season two. Certainly NBC holds options on all the cast members, that's standard practice. The only question is who gets picked up, and for how many episodes.

This video from TV Guide doesn't answer that, but I think it's not hard to tell they're all going to be around somehow, some way. Watch the video and judge for yourself.


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