FX lands 'Superbad'

by Paul William Tenny

Variety reports that FX has bought the broadcast rights to Judd Apatow's next comedy flick, Superbad. The movie, written by scribe Seth Rogen, is about two friends who are outcasts that are forced to adjust to life without each other when they both move off to college. Not terribly inspiring, but with the recent success of Apatow's directorial work with Steve Carell, I'm sure studios would snap up just about any project he attaches himself to.

For now, that is. Apatow is bound to pick a real stinker at some point, and I'm pinning Superbad as the one that dents his shiny new reputation for revitalizing original non-romance comedies.

FX apparently wasn't the first in line, though, as Variety says they won't get their hands on the property until later 2009. The price tag? 12% of the domestic take for Superbad, which could turn out to be a really spectacular deal for FX if it turns out Apatow laid a bomb. On the other hand, if that is the case, FX will have just bought a dead horse.

Superbad opens in theaters August 17th.


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