Final Two Episodes "Drive" Home

by Paul William Tenny

Fox has a bad habit of killing off series before they've had a chance to build an audience, choosing instead to only keep shows that come with stellar numbers right from the very first airing. This of course resulted in the murder of Firefly and most recently Drive. In a sad moment of irony, both these shows were produced by Tim Minear, and in realty is the like the third or fourth show he has done for Fox that didn't make it past 12 episodes.

My suggestion to Tim: stop making shows for Fox.
Drive had the same star as Firefly in Nathan Fillion, and before you jump to any conclusions, Fillion is a wonderful actor and presence on the screen. He was a lovable thief in Firefly, a downright evil son of a bitch in the seventh and final season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and though I never did see a single episode of Drive, I have no doubt he did a very fine job. None of these shows were negatively impacted by Filon, and if anything, he brought something to the table that nobody else on the show could.

Fox announced after Drive was canceled that the two remaining episodes that were produced but never aired would see the light of day in the form of streaming video on their website, but neglected to say when. They never did that for Firefly, though DVD sales I'm sure piqued their interest.

Now, with a heads up from AICN, I see that Fox has finally put these episodes online for people to see. Unfortunately, the morons put them on their MySpace page. What the hell is that all about? Are they intentionally trying to keep people from seeing these things?


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