'Dark Shadows' to Silver Screen

by Paul William Tenny

A trilogy of film companies are getting together to bring Dark Shadows to the big screen. Warner Brothers being the big player, while the other two are just fronts that actors and producers use to simply paying taxes and as entities to help fund film ventures, one of them being owned by Johnny Depp.

From Variety.

A rights deal just closed with the estate of Dan Curtis, the producer/director who created the soap that aired weekdays on ABC, from 1966 to 1971. Depp and King will produce with David Kennedy, who ran Dan Curtis Prods. until Curtis died last year of a brain tumor. Infinitum-Nihil's Christi Dembrowski served as the point person on the deal.
There isn't much solid on this, it's just a rights deal for the time being. There's still a lot of work to be done, such as picking a story to do since, as Variety says, there are over twelve-hundred stories to choose from. Then a script has to be written, a director brought on board, actors signed, money allocated, etc.

Interesting news, but I liked the Outer Limits better.


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